TouchDesigner Vol.037 Automation and Remote Control with OBS WebSockets


We finally welcome Matthew Ragan!

April 2018, when Tokyo Developers Study Weekend (TouchDesigner Study Weekend at that time) started, there were not many pages of Touchdesigner knowledge on the internet.
Many of the users who encount TouchDesigner at that time, including me, would have arrived at his home page.
The TouchDesigner technology he shared around the world is more than just a tutorial feature as an explanation.
It suggested what kind of potential this wonderful software could have and what kind of work and content it would develop into.
I didn’t know anything about TouchDesigner, but I followed his tutorials and blogs, translated them, and gradually understood them. Thanks to that time, I realized how wonderful TouchDesigner was, and TDSW was able to continue and grow.
At first, TDSW was a small community that shared what its members knew as a study session, but gradually it became possible to offer many wonderful creators and artists in Japan. Sometimes I invited an overseas instructor.
One of my big goals was to invite Matthew Ragan to TDSW someday.

At the TouchDesigner Summit in Montreal last year, TDSW had the opportunity to have a talk session.
I went to Montreal to tell the software community about TDSW activities in Japan.
Matthew had a workshop there and for the first time I had the opportunity to talk to him directly.
At that time, I directly told him, “I want to invite you to TDSW someday.” Matthew answered with a smile, “Of course”.
A little over a year after that, we will achieve the goal after two years.
When I met TouchDesigner, I didn’t just learn the technology.

By learning the common language of software, I have been able to connect with people all over the world that I could not have known. By working hard on what you can do, you will have the opportunity to work on a project with someone you respected and admired.
I learned a lot about vision, attitude, continuity and challenges.
I believe that all TDSW participants are willing to actively create something.
People who try to create something by themselves have joy, regret, excitement, and a sense of accomplishment that only those people can experience.
TDSW has achieved one of its goals, but next year I would like to be a community that conveys not only the technology but also the wonderfulness of creating and continuing.

Please enjoy the workshop with Matthew Ragan!
Thank you so much!

TDSW co-founder

2020 has been a year all about remote workflows, streaming content, and imagining new approaches to solving the challenges of events – both physical and virtual. There are lots of ways to stream your own events with TouchDesigner, but where do you get started? What tools should you use? What kind of a pipeline makes sense? How can you make sure your decisions will scale easily, or work on multiple computers?

In this workshop we’ll look at a workflow that uses TouchDesigner to control OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) with WebSockets. It’s often tempting to do a whole project with just TouchDesigner, and while there are lots of ways to steam directly to the web with TD, it can often be helpful to break apart your pipeline both for efficiency and to safeguard against the unexpected. We’ll start the workshop by talking through possible video and hardware configurations, and then look at how we can use WebSockets to help create systems for remote control of OBS. We’ll see how to control OBS when it’s running on the same computer, or another machine altogether.

Finally we’ll look specifically at how we can use a Python Extension in TouchDesigner to change scenes, set transitions, adjust audio controls, control your stream and record your output. By the end of this workshop you’ll have a custom widget that you can use for streaming your own virtual events with OBS.

Topics covered in this workshop will include:

  • Streaming pipelines and system flow
  • WebSockets
  • Python Extensions in TouchDesigner
  • Custom Parameters
  • OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)
  • Controlling OBS from TouchDesigner
    * Changing Scenes
    * Setting Transitions
    * Adjusting Audio Levels
    * Start and Stop Recording
    * Start and Stop Streaming

Tools we’ll use and explore in the workshop:

Language: English

For detail, visit our event pages.

We have already shared the webinar link with the Excellent plan & Incredible Plan patrons in another post.


TDSWはついにMatthew Raganさんをインストラクターにお迎えいたします!
Tokyo Developers Study Weekend が立ち上がった2018年4月 (当時TouchDesigner Study Weekend)、

注目や参加者が集まっていく中で、いつしかMatthew Raganさんに登壇してもらうのが大きな目標の一つとなりました。

昨年開催されたTouchDesigner Summit in MontrealでTDSWはトークセッションの機会をいただき、
Matthewさんは”Of course”と笑顔で答えてくださいました。




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