TouchDesigner Vol.035 Cooking, Optimization, & SceneChanger


We will welcome Ben Voigt, a Product Manager at Derivative. Don’t miss this opportunity to get knowledge and techniques from a developer who creates TouchDesginer itself!

This workshop will focus on how to optimize your TouchDesigner projects. Real-time systems require serious effort to optimize, and optimizations to TouchDesigner networks can sometimes result in a performance boost of 2x to 10x!
Starting with a detailed discussion of TouchDesigner’s cooking process, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to design networks for best performance. Then a look at the tools available for monitoring and optimizing performance will show you how to troubleshoot common performance problems. A case-study will walk through some example files to find ways to improve their performance while maintaining the final result. Finally, an introduction to a base sceneChanger framework will demonstrate how to apply best practices in a larger system you can build on.

Language: English

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We will share the webinar link with the Excellent plan & Incredible Plan patrons in another post at least two hours prior to the event.

今回はDerivativeのプロダクトマネージャー、Ben Voigtさんをお招きしました。


Language: 英語


ウェビナーへのリンクは Excellent plan & Incredible Planパトロンの方にイベントの2時間前までにパトロンオンリーのポストで共有いたします。

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