Thank you for supporting TDSW in 2020

TDSW, which started in 2018, was able to continue its activities in 2020 thanks to the support and participation from many creators.
The 2020 TDSW began with “Park College # 07” Fragment Shadow “Technical Talk & Workshop / Supported by TDSW” held at Ginza Sony Park in March. After that, a total of 21 workshops and community events were held.

Until last year, we played a role in creating a place for offline communication between creators.
Due to the pandemic that hit the world earlier this year,  we have been working with the policy of sharing and accumulating technical knowledge online both domestically and internationally.

In April, we opened a YouTube channel where everyone can mainly study TouchDesigner, and about 2000 people registered in 8 months. For those who are just starting to learn TouchDesigner, I think we have been able to provide content that is not economically or geographically restricted.
For those who want to learn a higher level of technology, we offered instructors all over the world at a live distribution workshop using zoom.
Also, previously, TDSW technical knowledge could only be shared with those who participated in real time at the venue. However, we used Patreon to subscribe to the archive, allowing us to continue to raise activity costs and hold regular events.

We was able to get to know TDSW widely in areas other than the main workshop implementation activities, such as attending an online media art festival hosted by Shanghai creative company Digital FUN and attending a university.

This year, We were able to participate in various activities online regardless of location and time, so we were able to connect with creators in Japan and communities around the world.

In addition, TDSW was suspended from November last year to March this year. However, it was a big change that huez, who cooperated a lot, and chimanaco, who became the driving force for the challenge and development from Vancouver, became the core members.

To be honest, it seems like it was a dull year.

It will be very difficult to carry out community activities in 2020 because it is no longer possible to set up an offline place where you can talk face-to-face with colleagues who are learning the same software and who can talk and help each other in the same technical area.

At some point, I was often bearish about whether the time would come back when everyone could be excited and impressed with the same technology and performance.

There is a growing frustration that we cannot directly convey our feelings for activities and gratitude for our connections, which we were able to directly convey with our facial expressions and voices.

I think this frustration and loneliness is not only held by TDSW and the technical fields we are dealing with, but also by many people who are fighting in this era.
It is also the power of the technical field that we are learning to be able to give smiles and impressions in such thoughts.

Currently, real-life events, installations, performances, etc. are limited, but we would like to continue sharing technologies, ideas, and experiences that will give us the opportunity to create alternative content next year via TDSW.
We would like to thank all the instructors, participants, and all those who have supported and interested in our activities for their generous cooperation.

Thank you so much for supporting TDSW in 2020.
Let’s do a lot of interesting things again next year!


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