Notch Vol.02: Procedurals and Path Tracing – Generating Glass Geometry

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Notch can do a lot more than just real-time particles and shapes; it can also function as a 3D modelling tool using Signed Distance Fields.

In this workshop we will be exploring how to use the Procedural system to build complex geometry right inside of Notch without external assets.

We will also be covering how to use the Pathtracer node to add realistic raytraced bounce lighting to our scenes, with a focus on the RT glass material node.

Together we will build 2 different scenes, and learn how we can use Notch as a rendering engine to make high end non-real-time visuals.

It will be assumed that participants have some experience using Notch, and will be able to follow node based workflows.

Brenton March – CtrldChaos

Marchie, VJ and realtime content creator for over 15 years in nightclubs and music festivals, Moved from Australia to Canada in 2016 and now focused on creating live realtime content for live events.

Resolume, Notch, Adobe Suite, 3Ds Max, Unity, Unreal, Touchdesigner.

Learning TD so will be joining some of these events as a student going forward.

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