Notch Vol.01 IMAG Effects: Enhance your camera feeds in Real-time with Notch

We are back with our first workshop in 2021 with Brenton March aks CtrldChaos!

Language: English

Contents (subject to change):

Live video feeds have the power to turn a performance into a spectacle.

Welcome to the world of IMAG camera effects; the Instagram filters of live concerts.

Notch has been my go-to solution for when the tour manager wants the band to look like they are inside a washing machine, the lead singer wants to appear like they are on fire, and they want it all built yesterday.

In this workshop we will be stepping through how to build two real-time camera effects using Notch, while discussing best practices, and optimization tips and tricks.

We’ll cover setting up camera inputs, proxy video files for testing, the Post Effects stack, and how to both stick live video to 3D objects as well as create 3D objects from live video footage.

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