[Important Notice] We will make our past workshop recordings public!

Dear patrons,

We TDSW have decided to share our past workshop recordings on our YouTube channel for free because we always would like to deliver our resources to more and more people who want to learn the fields we have covered.

Basically, you will still be able to have access to our sample files with the $20 tier or more beside you will gradually be able to watch all the recordings on YouTube. (Currently, both recordings and files with the $20 tier or more)

We hope our decision will make our patrons happy as we really believe this is a good thing for creative communities.

Honestly speaking, we have not been active like before because our team became smaller, but we have been working for what we believe valuable for ourselves and the communities including workshops.

We are more than happy if you keep supporting us on Patreon, but we totally understand if you cancel your tier or feel like overpaying for us for the past months because of this. Feel free to ask us to get a refund if you think like that especially if you are on annual membership.

TDSW YouTube channel


TDSW YouTube Channel