[Free Live Streaming] TouchDesigner Vol.49 AUDIO & VISUAL LAYERED FRUIT PARFAIT

We welcome Toru Izumida, an audio & visual artist based in Tokyo!

Date 28th November 2021 15:00-18:00 UTC+9

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日本語 / Japanese


Beginner & Intermediate

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Timetable (subject to change) time in UTC+9

15:00-18:00 Workshop (incl. 10 mins break x 2)

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18:10-18:20 Close

Contents (subject to change)

Toru Izumida shows how to make audio & visual live sets.
It will be multiple layered colors like fruit in a parfait.


Toru Izumida

Toru Izumida is an audio & visual artist based in Tokyo, Japan. His live A/V set is programmed visuals that have many layers reactive to live sounds. In 2019, he presented his live A/V sets at //Dreamlands\ presented by Testu Collective x Ideal Glass Studios. On the other hand, He started the “0 // 2019 Public Visuals”  live A/V event as an organizer in Brooklyn, NY.


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