[Free Live Streaming] TouchDesigner Vol.058 Cellular Automata – From 1D to 3D

We welcome Darien Brito, an audiovisual artist and creative coder based in The Hague, The Netherlands!


30th July 2022 9:00 – 12:00 UTC+1

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9:00-12:00 Workshop (incl. 10 mins break x 2) 

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Contents (subject to change)

 In this workshop, I will demonstrate how to implement cellular automata (CA) systems in TouchDesigner using pixel shaders. We will do a quick refresher of necessary GLSL knowledge and build a foundation of basic principles using practical examples. We will go over different algorithms, from 1D to 3D, always live-coding first a simplified version of each system before completing its general form.
We will implement the following CA systems: Elementary (1D), Totallistic (1D), The Game of Life (2D), Brian’s Brain (2D), MNCA (2D), 2D Stacks (pseudo 3D), and Totallistic (3D).
As part of the workshop material, I provide different help tools to explore the more complex systems and create your own rules.


Darien Brito

Darien Brito (1987) is an audiovisual artist and creative coder, currently based in The Hague, The Netherlands. He holds a BA in Composition from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and an MA from the Institute of Sonology.
From a musical background, Darien developed a strong interest in computer graphics, micro-sound, generative art and complex systems. He taught himself several programming languages to forge his vision and is now immersed in the creation of audio-visual experiences conducted by algorithmic processes.
Driven by a pragmatic approach to performance and focusing on strong sensorial experiences, he has created work in a wide array of formats: from music for instruments and electronics, to visual effects and digital art.
Currently, Darien is focused on the creation of live performances and interactive installations using generative audio, real-time computer graphics, and light. He works as a freelancer and often collaborates with other creatives.


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