[Free Live Streaming] TouchDesigner Vol.053 Refractive raymarching

We welcome Tim Gerritsen, a visual artist based in the Netherlands!


20th February 2022 9:00-12:00 UTC+1

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9:00-12:00 Workshop (incl. 10 mins break x 2)
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Contents (subject to change)

In this workshop we’ll dive into writing a raymarch GLSL shader from scratch. First we cover the basic theory of raymarching, describing what elements we need to develop, in order to render a 3d environment.
Then we’ll start implementing this using a GLSL TOP in a live coding session. We’ll be mainly focussing on the refractive aspect of water. How to render translucent material using raymarching.
We also will briefly go into how to use distance fields to render more complex shapes.


Tim Gerritsen

Tim Gerritsen (1982) has been flipping bits ever since he was able to touch a keyboard. Starting on the Commodore 64 in the late 80s, he taught himself programming. His interest grew from computer security and webdevelopment to artificial intelligence and creative programming.
As a co-founder of the Dutch studio y=f(x) lab, he is focussing on the development of GLSL shaders and system architecture. y=f(x) creates versatile interactive experiences, dynamic content and audiovisual installations, powered by the language of generative design and parametric thinking.
Tims fascination, integrating physics and mathematics in to the digital world, has been his main drive. With passion and eager to explore, experiment and discover, he is committed to learn and grow on a daily base.
Tim Gerritsen currently lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.



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