[Free Live Streaming] Houdini Vol.005 Introduction to Houdini for TouchDesigner users

We welcome petit sapin, a generative artist based in Stockholm, Sweden!


1st May 2022 10:00-13:00 UTC+2

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Timetable (subject to change) time in UTC+2

10:00-13:00 Workshop (incl. 10 mins break x 2)
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13:10-13:20 Close

Contents (subject to change)

In this workshop we will cover some of the basics of getting started with Houdini and go over some core concepts familiar to users of TouchDesigner. We will start with a brief look at the UI and the network and parameters editor before moving on to take a closer look at the SOP context and how to work with geometry, particles and simulations.


petit sapin (Dominique)
petitsapin (Dominique) is a freelance creative based in Stockholm with over 10 years of experience working with talented people from different places such as Field.io, North Kingdom, Merci-Michel, Google, Ubisoft and others.
Driven by a constant need to learn, discover and collaborate, his work is not limited to one specific medium but rather spans over an array of them, each being in some way connected to the relationships between technology, art and ourselves as humans.
He finds inspiration in many different places including discreet movie dialogues that go unnoticed, photography, being colour blind and lack of sleep to name a few.


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