[Free Live Streaming] Houdini Vol.004 Unclichéd generative art

TDSW regular live-streaming workshops go free as we described.
We welcome Baku Hashimo, a visual artist to celebrate our new adventure.

9th May 2021 15:00-18:00 UTC+9
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日本語 / Japanese


This workshop is based on Houdini features and is technically intended for those who have experience with Houdini. As a whole, it will be tips that can be applied to generative art, so it is content that can be enjoyed by those who are using other tools or who are interested in this field.

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Timetable (subject to change) time in UTC+9
15:00-18:00 Workshop (incl. 10 mins break x 2)
18:00-18:10   Update from TDSW
18:10-18:20 Close

Contents (subject to change)
Using Houdini, I’ll show you how to create graphics with a generative but reasonably interesting approach. Through some examples, I would like to share interesting modeling using SOPs and its know-how.

・Introduction of algorithms that are not well known as generative art
・How to reduce the digitalness by interweaving a hand-drawn approach
・Create 2D graphics with 3DCG tools
・How to imitate a unique color scheme

Baku Hashimoto

Having backgrounds in both digital arts and filmmaking, he works on everything from Music Videos and web features to interactive art, conducts experiments in different modes of expression, and explores diverse styles of video and graphics.


・If you want to join with your Houdini:
 ・Houdini 18.5.499 Apprentice on macOS 11.1 / Hackintosh
 ・The preview on the viewport is complete. GPU does not matter.
 ・At the workshop, we will color the photos using photos taken with a smartphone. If you prepare an image of your favorite color, you can enjoy the original coloring production.
 ・A 3-button mouse or Trackball (2-button mouse with a scroll wheel will work) & sub display monitor will help and make you comfortable.
・You can enjoy watching it casually 😉

・We will use YouTube Live for our workshop.
・You can watch the live stream for free. If you would like to watch the recording after the distribution ends, please join the TDSW Patreon Membership ($ 20 / month).
・The closing times may vary depending on how quickly we make progress.
・Photos, videos, and/or screenshots will be taken at this event. We will possibly share them via our social media accounts.
・If you have any questions please contact us.

Enjoy the workshop!

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