[Event] TouchDesigner Vol.34 Interactive Autumn Tree with L-system


She is back! We just published another event on 18th October 2020!  

 We will welcome Akiko Yamashita, a projection and lighting artist and former professional dancer who currently works as a technical director at VTProDesign. She will lead another TouchDesigner L-system workshop!

This workshop will cover creating an interactive Japanese maple tree scene using L-systems. Techniques include instancing, mouse input to change the color of the leaves, using multiple textures and randomizing, adding point attribute with metaball and Magnet SOP, wind like animation, Particle SOP for the falling leaves and land on the water surface, PBR Material workflow, water reflection, importing Megascans 3D rock model, preparing leaf textures.

Language: English

For detail, visit our event pages.

We will share the webinar link with the Excellent plan & Incredible Plan patrons in another post at least two hours prior to the event.



Language: 英語


ウェビナーへのリンクは Excellent plan & Incredible Planパトロンの方にイベントの2時間前までにパトロンオンリーのポストで共有いたします。

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