English subtitles challenge


We’ve received so much valuable feedback since we started organizing workshops online, but the most frequent feedback we have gotten is from people requesting English subtitles for our workshops in Japanese.

This has been on our list since day one because we have welcomed many of the best artists/developers from various industries as instructors and we are eager to do deliver their voices to audiences all around the world.  

However, having subtitles in different languages isn’t an easy task at all. Auto transcription and translation technology are advancing every day, but as of October 2020, we haven’t found any good automatic solutions, especially once we mix in some tech words to simple conversation.

We are also a small team and TDSW is our passion project we work on in our spare time. TDSW is our experiment for a sustainable community. Having seen lots people burning out handling a community with too many sacrifices, we really consider this is an issue and a thing we don’t want to leave for the next generation of community organizers. We believe that where-ever possible we should try to create jobs for the community rather than asking people to work as “a volunteer”. We also want to keep our workshops reasonably priced for highly motivated people who want to get started with all these exciting technologies. 

At the end of the day, we can’t afford to do this at this moment but we have set a goal on Patreon. 

Once we achieve this goal – we will be able to include English subtitles to one workshop recorded in Japanese per month. We will hire people to do transcription, translation, and supervision in order to help us to deliver it in professional quality to the community.

We also set a higher tier, which is $69. In addition to the benefits of all tiers, your name will be credited in our workshop recordings. We still have three lower tiers, so any amount of support would be much appreciated. In addition to your support on Patreon – sharing our Patreon page with your network would help us tremendously. If you think that we have been doing something meaningful for the creative community, please consider contributing or sharing! 

You can find the tier and goal at https://www.patreon.com/tdsw?fan_landing=true.

Thank you so much, your commitment has allowed us to support our community, and keep lit the creative flame of our team.










こういった背景や現時点では英語字幕を付ける余裕が運営資金には無いことを踏まえ、Patreon でゴールを設定させていただくことにいたしました。


また、新たなプランを用意しました。$69/month 以上サポートしてくださった方は、これまでの全てのプランの特典に加えて、お名前をワークショップの録画の最後にクレジットさせていただきます。もちろんこれまで通り他のプランもございますので、全てのサポートに感謝いたします。




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