【Announcement】To TDSW Partner & supporter

Hi, TDSW Partner & Supporter. We always thank you  for joining TDSW.

As written in the post title, We will take a break from the livestreaming workshop and patreon archive video updates for the next two times.

This includes the workshops of overseas instructors in the latter half of July and the workshops of Japanese instructors in the first half of August.

We sincerely apologize to everyone who is looking forward to the TDSW workshop every time.

Therefore, we would appreciate it if you could review the continuation of  subscription plan.

New archived videos will not be uploaded twice in the latter half of July and the first half of August, so if you want to temporarily withdraw from the membership, please check your payment date and time on Patreon.

Everyone who continues TDSW Patreon during the suspension period will still be able to watch past archived videos, so we hope that it will help you in your learning.

We expect to resume the twice-monthly workshop as usual from the second half of August.

We will continue to make efforts to make fun news next time.

We pray that this summer will be a season of even more joy and growth for your creative activities.

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